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Commercial Sales Training

Commercial Sales can be very lucrative if you know who to ask for and are great at finding out
information and saving it until you find the right decision make to make the sale.
When calling companies your want to know who to ask for that can make a decision to buy the

According to a Study on the company Mobile Mini. The construction industry makes up for 50% of all
their sells. So when calling construction companies you want to ask for the following job
positions. Purchasing Manager, General Contractor, Site Manager, Owner. When put through tell
them who your with and why you are calling. Then shut up and let them answer questions that will
point you in the right direction. A lot of call won't be sales on the spot, but always get someone's
email address and send them a email so they can get back to you.

Here is a list of the industries most likely to buy a container from you listed in order.

1. Land Developer.
2. Construction Company
3. Extra Space Storage Company
4. Nursery Company
5. Land Scaper
6. Recycling Company
7. Outfitter/Lodge
8. Resource Mill or Mine
9. Distribution Company or Warehouser
10. Recreational Rental Company

and many more >>>

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