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These are tips from the Amazon Container trainers themselves



Trust your products & and sell the value of the company and products! - Karla Sy



I love making them feel comfortable and confident buying through us, sending them to our website or Facebook page helps show we are an actual company. I also love sending them our walk through videos and giving them our guarantee, I tell them to do a thorough walk through of their container while it's still on the trailer inside and out. Feel free to take a hammer to the rust spots (for cargo worthy) to make sure it's only surface rust. Just Make sure everything checks out, if there is a problem contact me immediately and we will get it fixed or send a new one out! -- Ellen Gee

Don't give the customer an option. Instead of "Would you like me to get an invoice for you?" Say "I'll get an invoice put in for you to lock in that price for you for 14 days. What's your email address, etc..."

- Erwin Kim


If I can place the order today and email you the invoice it will hold the price. - Ellen Gee


I frequently quote a little higher than tool.. Not a bunch, but even $10 or $20. When they get the invoice, they think I'm doing them a favor even if it is small. - Karla Sy



One good tip I give all my people is to follow up at least 7 times. And make up sales that last only 24-48 hours – Erwin Kim

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