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You got it here ,you should have a pretty good routine going as far as posting. You are becoming a posting

There are several times that your phone has probably gone off when it was inconvenient. Or you
feel the need to take that call when you had other obligations. We all do it! It is important to
remember this can easily be integrated into your life. After all we are a family focused business!
Some tips from the top.

--Set a time to dedicate to working, let your family know in advance that this "time" is work time.
Make sure to take full advantage of this time. Use it as a "power hour" to post and follow up as
much as you can. These short bursts of concentrated energy are highly effective!!

--Turn off app notifications when you are not working.
If you are easily distracted by the notifications on your phone go into the app settings and turn the
notifications off so that you can focus on the other things you need to do. When you are ready to
work you can turn the notifications back on! 

--Use pre-made tools!!
There are so many resources out there for you to use. Lead tools and tracking sheets. There are
apps that post and schedule posts for you. Before you make it, ask in your group if someone has
one! There are all kinds of team shared tools out there to help you.

--Always follow up
Make sure that you are always following up with all leads. Using a lead tracker of any kind will help
you stay organized and make the most out of the dedicated working time!

Staying connected with the team is crucial. It is so important to try to make it onto a team call or
chat at least once a week! Schedule this time out in advance. Plan around it, give feed back about
what time works best for you !




In this section we will be discussing ideas for maximizing your sale conversion rate. While effective
marketing can supply you with a steady stream of interested perspective buyers, your marketing is
only as good as your ability to convert those prospective buyers into happy clientele. Calculate the
number of calls you receive from prospective buyers and dividing that number by the number of
sales that resulted from those phone calls to gain a simple snapshot of how you're selling—this is
known as your sales conversion rate.


We will be giving guidelines and examples of effective sales techniques that will help maximize the
work you are already doing. Keep in mind that these techniques are dynamic and should remain
available to be used where agents see fit.

Be Yourself—Make It Your Own
Authenticity is a integral part of engaging with other people. At Amazon Containers we pride
ourselves in providing a platform and atmosphere where each of our agents can allow their unique
personalities to flourish. When speaking to a buyer, be your authentic self—allow all your positive
personality attributes to shine though. This will not only yield a greater ability to engage and
understand your buyers, but will help you to be happier in the work you do.

Remember, people have a natural drive to relate to other people. Whether marketing for
prospective buyers, or while speaking to them about our products, avoid sounding 'sterile' or
'robotic' and allow yourself to be personable. Ask them about their container project. Understand
their needs and wants and recommend services we can accommodate. This will improve buyer
satisfaction as well as provide you, as an agent, more financial opportunities.

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