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Frequent Customer Questions

Can I see the container before I buy it?

Our containers are held at the actual depot down at the rails. We cannot allow customers into the yards for liability reasons.

If you are scheduling pickup of your container, once you are invoiced and paid, our logistics guys will call you with the release order for the container and location of the yard. You can go down to the yard, and they will bring your container out and load you up.

If you purchase a container for delivery, these are delivered as ‘next off stack’ in the condition you purchased. You do have the duty to inspect the container on the truck at the time of delivery. If it is not up to standards of the condition ordered, you have the right to refuse the container. We of course do not want the cost of a refusal, so we send you the box in the best possible condition. Our goal is to have happy customers who return to buy from us again. I will send you some photos of containers we have
delivered over the past week or two to give you a better idea of what to expect regarding condition.


What are the containers made out of?


Shipping containers are made out of 14 gauge corrugated steel. The floors are made from steel cross-members covered with 1 1/8 inch-thick marine-grade plywood pre-treated to be water resistant and pest-proof.

How does customer unload work?

Your container will typically come on a step-deck or dovetail trailer. You will need to be on site to accept delivery. You need to have something on site such as a ¾ ton pickup truck, a bobcat, farm tractor, etc…something to serve as the anchor point for our 25’ chain. You stay in place-as our driver pulls away, the container slides off the trailer and drops into place.

What is the difference between cargo worthy and wind/water tight?

Cargo worthy is one step above wind/water tight. It has been ISO inspected in the past
twelve months and found to be sea-worthy with 8 containers stacked on top. It will have
dents, dings, and surface rust, but no holes, wind/water tight. All seals and gaskets are in
place, and the doors function and seal shut.

A wind/water tight container is twice as old as a cargo worthy container-70+ trips across
the ocean vs. 35+, and they can have significantly more rust than a cargo worthy container,
and the rust may be so thin in some places that you can kick a hole through the rust.

Where are you located?

Our yard is in (city of the nearest depot). Our corporate office is located in Salt Lake City,
Utah. However, we have yards all over the country. Your container will be delivered from
the depot closest to you.
*If you are unable to answer a call at the moment, send a text immediately saying “I’m
sorry, on the phone/in a meeting. I will get back to you as soon as possible.” Then make
sure you follow up and return the call asap.



  • Things to remember after the sale Delivery is taken care of by the logistics team in the office.

  • We outsource drivers in most states to deliver the containers. More often than not they are not employees of Amazon Containers.

  • Remind your customer a few days before expected delivery that should inspect the container before it is removed from the truck!

  • Follow up after delivery to make sure they are completely satisfied! Add them to your email listing for future sales and product updates.

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