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Pick-up: 2-3 Business Days
Delivery: 4-7 Business Days

Select the size, condition, and door direction that meet your needs, add your selections to the cart and checkout in our secure payment portal. Make sure to check out the sample photos before you buy. Your container is guaranteed not to leak

We source containers directly from intermodal cargo circulation, so they're guaranteed not to leak.  After your order is placed, you'll receive a confirmation email. You then get the next container off the stack that meets your criteria. We guarantee the doors, floors and roof (but not the cosmetic condition). Color cannot be selected, except where specified.

We'll be in touch within one business day to confirm your order and coordinate the logistics. Only customers with the proper equipment should select intermodal depot pick-up (please allow 2-3 business days for release information). Delivery is optional and calculated at checkout by zip code.  Contact us with any questions, we're always happy to help.

Container Condition and Samples


Like New or "One Trip Containers" are generally within a year or two of their date of manufacture and are in excellent condition inside and out with very few dings and dents.

While some one trip containers have only taken one trip across an ocean on a container ship, the term "one tripper" is more of a reference to a 1-2 year old container.

One trip containers are generally double the cost of wind and water tight containers, but are great for customers where appearance and condition is extremely important.


Used shipping containers that are still able to be CSC certified for overseas shipment on container ships. Cargo-worthy or "CWO" containers are generally in a little better shape than WWT containers and are guaranteed to be wind/water tight.

Because containers are exposed to elements and made from steel, all CWO and WWT units will have some surface rust. CWO containers will need a little cosmetic attention, and will have dings/dents. These are one step up from wind and water tight.

Ideal for customers who may or may not paint their container, but still need it to look decent, or customers who need to ship internationally (new CSC inspection required to ship). Please note, CWO containers will still have surface rust and dings/dents.

What's the Difference between CW & WWT?
CW means "cargo-worthy" or that a container has the structural integrity to be stacked 7-high on a cargo ship.  WWT means "wind and water tight" and is primarily used for storage.


Wind and water tight graded used shipping containers are what you'd guess. They don't leak, and have working doors. However, they probably need some cosmetic work.

These are the lowest cost containers and make great storage for anyone with the ability to pressure wash and paint the shipping containers after they get them.

Wind and water tight containers also work for customers that have little to no concerns about appearance, and just need a dry storage container at the lowest price possible.

Delivery Guide

Make Sure Your Site is Prepared for Delivery:
Please make sure there is enough space for the truck to make wide turns, get between gates or other obstructions, and safely set up for delivery.  Remember, trucks make wide turns.
The truck will be almost 10' wide, and will need space to maneuver after the box is dropped, 60' for 20' containers and 100' for 40's, plus space to turn and drive away.
The delivery truck can weigh as much as 45,000-lbs., so soft surfaces such as mud or wet grass can cause the truck to sink and get stuck... If there is a risk of sinking in, the driver may refuse delivery at the site.
The truck is 13'6" before it tilts, and can be up to 16' tall at it's peak during delivery, make sure there are no power lines, tree branches, or other obstructions.