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Maintaining a list of customers that have reached out to and following up with them is a KEY to success here at Amazon Containers!


In the document section of this training there is a Customer tracking log it is a great tool to organize yourself!


When calling to follow up with a customer who has an outstanding unpaid Invoice you can say something along the line of "Hey Tom! I was just calling to verify the information in the invoice we sent out was correct. I have as your email address, is this correct?" "Let me connect to the office to make sure that they also have the same info!" (here you are connecting to Keishia or another office associate to help collect payment.)


If you are following up with a customer who does not have an invoice in the system. Call them and tell them that you would really like to get an invoice in the system to lock in the quoted price! You wouldn’t want them to see a rate increase when they are ready to buy. The quoted price is good for 30 days with an invoice.

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