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Custom Foldable Containers


Foldable Containers are also known as Speedy kits. These units are customarily made for customers. They are usually used in building homes and offices. A speedy kit is made of:

  • A set of sandwich panels to insulate walls and ceiling of a container (with all fitting parts)

  • PVC flooring (optional) to cover container floor

  • Electric package (optional): wiring, lights and sockets to have power in the container

Custom Modified?

At Amazon containers. our shipping container modifications and custom options may include everything from insulation and air conditioning, to electrical and lighting, to equipment integration such as water filtration systems or battery and inverter systems. With years of experience, Amazon. has been able to significantly improve the functionality, durability, and comfort of many custom shipping container modifications.




Whether you use your shipping container modification as a climate-controlled work space, a ground-level office, or a custom solution designed to house specific equipment – such as water filtration systems or containerized energy storage and converter systems – Amazon. will help you make the most of your shipping container modification.

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