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What are clip-on gensets?


A clip-on Genset or generator is also known as a power unit which can be attached to a reefer container to provide continuous electricity during transportation or where power is unavailable.

A Genset is usually mounted to a refrigerated containerto act as the container’s power source. Gensets run ondiesel, gasoline or gas making it easy to move refrigerated containers without having to unload any goods stored inside.

Ideal short-term power solution for Reefers, 1 hour – 3 days

Increased mobility and freedom of choice for siting

15KW, 18.75KVA, 460V AC, 3Phase 60Hz

Fuel capacity 130 US gal/492 litres

For clip-on mounting, the RG15 pin-mounting bracket saves time; for clamp mounting, the self-aligning ratchet clamp locks allow safe & secure attachment to corner castings

Attaching and disconnecting the generator set takes just minutes

Industry standard, proven 2.2 litre engine with speed sensor and electronic governor

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