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One Tripper

Are one-trip containers new?

One trip containers are new containers. However, these containers are not considered brand new since it has already been used once. Basically, these containers have been used to test their durability when they are shipped

What are one trip Containers?

One trip containers are the best quality of containers that the market could offer. From the name itself, one-trip containers are used only once in a shipping transit.

Why buy one-trip containers?

New one trip containers are ideal for those who are looking for the highest level of quality, durability, and aesthetics.

In pristine condition, new one trip containers are never exposed to the rigors of a marine environment or container depot. They are in solid one color with no shipping logos or signs of wear and are equipped with a factory lock box.


New one trip containers are the best choice for those wishing to modify a shipping container for use as residence or office. We offer a wide variety of container modifications and can convert a container to your specifications.

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